The Song Jason Katims Used to Make You Cry This Week


My, my love
I’ve been without you too long
My, my love
I’ve been running too fast to belong to anyone
But then you came along

Parenthood came back tonight, and everyone who has watched at least one episode of Jason Katim’s weekly feelings machine knows what that means: tears. Knowing him and how he works season premieres it you could assume it probably means a lot of them. And you would be right. There’s no leaning in slowly to the season in regards to how many Kleenex you must reach for just to make it through an episode, Katims will break out the sappy music and emotional moments whenever he damn pleases! With that, I’d like to welcome everyone to a new weekly feature on the blog called “The Song Jason Katims Used to Make You Cry This Week”, as there will almost always be one musical choice used to score an incredibly heartbreaking and/or spirits lifting moment. If not two. In fact, let’s just hope there will always be just one every week and choose to be unfortunately surprised when we find ourselves crying for a full episode somewhere around winter sweeps.

This week he really snuck it in there, didn’t he? Throughout the whole episode there were plenty of scenes that were just sitting there waiting to be made into something more emotional than they seemed at first, teasing us all as we prepared for the crying to come. But no, he waited all the way until 10:56 before some indie music notes found their way into our ears and we knew: it was time. Lucky us though, because this week was a “good cry” week! They don’t come along often, so cherish these nights. You might sniffle, you might shed a tear or seven, but very rarely will a good cry night have you find yourself curled up on the couch 15 minutes later wondering what just happened. We all know Jason Katims can’t reasonably keep Matt Lauria off screen for that long, otherwise people will revolt (or go on an FNL .gif hunt, but you get my gist) so it only made sense that Lauria’s Ryan would come home from his time at war at the end of this week’s episode and reunite with Mae Whitman’s Amber in a nondescript gym filled with returning soldiers and family. Ryber together again! But what everyone might not have seen coming (the knowledge is out there for those who choose to look, but wasn’t widely spoiled) was Ryan getting down on one knee and proposing to Amber right there and then, and her obviously saying yes, and everyone cheering. Hey, what’s all this salty water doing on my face?

So what music was playing when all of this beauty went down? One of my old favorites, and TV music veterans, Joshua Radin. He and Zack Braff are very close friends and as such most of his first two albums can be found filling out some great moments throughout all seasons of Scrubs. The most tender of which, “Closer” and “Star Mile” which were used in a few scenes on Scrubs that put me into some very teary states. Tonight, Katims used his song “My My Love”, which is one of the best songs from his latest albums, Wax Wings. A song about love, longing, and finally finding that one person that you know you’ll spend the rest of your life with is the perfect choice for Ryan and Amber’s tender moment together. I would say that using Joshua Radin is too much of an e slam dunk and Katims knows it, but the song did make me cry and it’s is only the first episode of the season so I won’t take any points away from the Parenthood team for the low degree of difficulty.

Snippets From Next Week’s Episode Synopsis That Have  Cry Potential

Maybe Something, Probably Nothing – “the baby’s crying starts to affect Jabbar”

A Few Sniffles – “Hank visits Sarah and gives her advice about talking to Amber”

A Tear or Ten –  “Adam and Kristina struggle with the campaign”

BRB SOBBING – “Zeek avoids discussing the future with Camille”

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3 thoughts on “The Song Jason Katims Used to Make You Cry This Week

  1. aduncan7 says:

    Well played Katims..well played.

  2. M says:

    My guilty pleasure is putting my kid fast asleep so I can enjoy my one hour of beloved Parenthood. Although this is overdue.. That song that made me sob more than my baby ever did stayed with me into the new year. I had a thought of maybe someone out there actually wrote or blogs about music on shows. And here we are. Thank you thank you thank you. God bless.


    • Well I’m glad that you read something on here that you liked. The last few weeks have been slow on the site because I recently started a new job, which has taken away most of my writing time. But Parenthood is the one show I am trying to keep current so I hope you’ll return and read when new posts arrive!

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