“At Last”, The Bones Wedding Episode Has Come Along

You smiled, you smiled
Oh and then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven
for you are mine, at last.

I’m a few days late on this, but the business of the week caught up to me and catching up on the Bones wedding episode wasn’t a possibility until this afternoon. All in all this was a marginally necessary episode, the case was slight and everyone’s reactions to it made that excessively clear, but there were a lot of nice moments throughout. The entirety of Booth’s family coming to the wedding was a nice surprise (Parker still exists!) and of course there had to be a through line where Bones wasn’t sure if her father brought dirty money to pay for the wedding or not.


Everyone from the squinterns to the rest of the Jeffersonian staff pitching in to make sure the wedding happened on time, despite a pretty hilarious wedding pool running gag from Hodgins making some people wanting it postponed just slightly, was so welcome. It is such a rarity to see all the interns in one place, but having them all arguing over why they didn’t get invited to the wedding and how best to accomplish their work was very funny and fit in well with the lightness of the whole episode. More of that, please. I would gladly watch an entire episode next year that was centered around the interns bearing the weight of a case due to extenuating circumstances of some kind.

Most of the greatest points in the episode, though, obviously came from the wedding scene itself. The interns clad in garb from the “History of Fashion” exhibit was an appropriately brief but funny sight gag, as well as call backs from earlier in the series like Bones using the letter she wrote to Booth while buried alive with Hodgins and Angela’s psychic friend Avalon Harmonia making an appearance as the wedding singer ushering Bones and Max down the aisle. At first I was worried the show might attempt to treat the wedding episode as a way to bring other guest stars back in fluff roles, similar to how a series finale might. After all, there wasn’t much happening besides attempting to get the wedding together on time and as soon as Angela took it upon herself to make that happen all I could see was her magically using all of the peripheral characters of the Jeffersonian as aides. So I was very happy when only Cyndi Lauper’s Avalon was brought in as a helper.

Naturally, you don’t use Cyndi Lauper as a wedding guest and not make her the wedding singer. That would be irresponsible and a severe oversight by everyone involved and I know Hart Hanson knows better than that. I was so happy to hear they chose “At Last” for her to sing as the bride and her proud father walked down the aisle. Bones’ difficulty with the traditions and symbolism of a wedding were sprinkled throughout the episode but the wedding did turn out to be as traditional as it gets and pairing shots with Lauper’s magnificent performance matched up perfectly. “At Last” is one of my favorite Etta James songs, if not one of my favorite ballads full stop. Granted, at this point in its history it has turned into an incredible cliche at weddings and not at all original but the greatness of the song is pretty apparent when you think about how it almost doesn’t seem that way. Because what better song to play at a wedding, really? Both the song and performing were  great choices for the episode and underlined how much of Bones and Booth’s relationship can be seen as a love story filled with tradition at the same time as it is such a different and sometimes weird pairing.


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