“Say Hello To My Little Friend”: Daring Duos Everywhere


Oh my darling, cling to me 
For we’re creatures of the wind 
And wild is the wind 
So wild is the wind

There were pairs running amok and being both good and bad (but who are we kidding, mostly bad) tonight on Scandal. We finally found out some information on Operation Remington because of the surprise pair up of Jake and Huck, for starters. I would like a webisode of them camping out on surveillance together and making small talk about how B613 ruined both of their lives and a list of the ways. What an extra that would be. If Olivia will only listen to what is happening behind the scenes and work to uncover a classified mission if the two of them team up then I am even more excited for the future of these former agents. Abby and David jumped back in bed with one another mostly due to the fact that our favorite lawyer doesn’t know when to save himself by just not answering the phone when she calls. I do feel like we didn’t get a lot of time with those two as a couple between the craziness happening in the past two seasons, and that doesn’t mean we won’t get any now, but the chemistry between two good actors is always welcome so I’m happy the show is letting them play off each other for a bit longer.

Over on the other side with our two black widows, Olivia and Mellie were both caught off guard when they thought they were doing the right thing. Cyrus dressing Mellie down after her slip in regards to the new female candidate coming after Fitz’s second term (Lisa Kudrow alert!) was sorely needed, especially since that was at least Cy’s 6th heart attack of the season if not more. The look Mellie put on when Fitz finally stood up for her, however briefly, just proved for the umpteenth time how good Bellamy Young is on this show. I can’t say I want anything to change between Mr. President and the First Lady, as every scene they have together is aces lately, but a slight softening and forgiveness might do the show some good, especially as Olivia falls further into Jake’s arms.


Finally, we have Olivia and scorned wife of the week Melora Hardin. I can’t say I was surprised at the ending twist because you don’t bring the great Melora Hardin into the fold without having a plan for her character besides “testifies against her bastard of a husband” and the scene in her hotel room gave a lot away in between the lines, but just watching her and Kerry Washington play off each other was great to watch. This is only the second time that we’ve seen Liv get outright duped by a client (the first being the Governor of Maryland and his wife’s contractor paramour) so the final scene between the two ladies in the court house hallway was electric and everything I would want when two magnetic acting talents share the same screen. Great job by the writers giving both ladies great scenes opposite the other all night long.

But even with all this action between great pairs happening onscreen the best duo of the night came from the song choices. Two songs out of the many featured were on the next level tonight and both fit in perfectly to the scenes they filled. The first was “Mary Jane” by Rick James, during the opening montage of Harrison pulling an “Avengers Assemble” style phone tree on the team to tell them they finally had a paying client after being dumped by half of The Hill. I’m not sure if the show has ever used Rick James in the soundtrack before but if they haven’t then it’s about time. It worked perfectly as a slightly upbeat choice, and complemented Harrison’s little-kid excitement about having a client really well. The strings and flutes in the song have always been a fun addition to what is a classic R&B track and even though it is about marijuana being referred to as if it were a woman, the theme of addiction in this show is so strong even a tenuous connection is a nice touch.

The other song that was so incredibly perfect for not only the show but the moment it backed was “Wild is the Wind” by Nina Simone. I talked in my post today about the Bones wedding episode how much of a fan I am of Etta James, and that blues, soul, and sometimes jazz love absolutely extends to the wonderful Ms. Simone. The scene when Fitz went to comfort a grieving woman at a funeral that was connected directly to something he did was some great emoting from Tony Goldwyn. It didn’t take up more than a few minutes but the combination of the emotional sister and a song about not letting someone you love slip away was enough of a combination to do me in. Both of these choices tell us what we already pretty much know about the Scandal music team not being afraid of going back a decade or four for the perfect music choices. Two great songs for one of the strongest episodes of the season thus far.

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2 thoughts on ““Say Hello To My Little Friend”: Daring Duos Everywhere

  1. […] Oh Cyrus, ever the manipulator. This scene also features a wonderful soundtrack moment with Nina Simone’s “Wild is the Wind” accompanying this excellent and emotive […]

  2. Lucy Miragro says:

    You nailed the summary of Scandal this last week (10/25/13). I too was stunned by the “Wild is the Wind” playing over the cemetary scene-so much so that I played it back on my DVR 3 times! Yes, fine acting by Tony Goldwyn! Great job Scandal music team!

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