Laura Welsh Soundtracks New Masters of Sex Trailer

And I need you to help me through

I can’t lay these ghosts to rest

And though I’m scared and it’s dark

Oh I know it’s all a mess

Just released via THR, the new Masters of Sex trailer arrived today and it is, predictably, a doozy. Last season had some drama in regards to the intra-hospital relationships but from what this minute long clip shows the excitement quotient seems to have been cranked up a notch now that there is such a solid foundation of characters for the show to utilize. Based off of what we see here, I’m excited to see what Michael Sheen gets to do with a broken down and jobless Masters, while Virginia is still (somewhat) employed by the hospital. Also very pleased that Annaleigh Ashford seems to have returned to the show full time this season as captivating and talented as usual. It would be great if she got to show off her vocal chops this season similar to how Lizzy Caplan got to do during the first season, but I could also understand if she wants to separate her Broadway fame from her television opportunities for the time being.



The song playing during this teaser is “Ghosts” by Laura Welsh. The haunting qualities of her voice combined with the lyrics specifically chosen for the teaser was a great choice by Showtime’s marketing team. Pairs well, and increases the excitement I have for the show effortlessly.


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