Google Video Sends 2014 Grads Off in Style, Makes Everyone Else Cry

I never knew how much you’d want
To live again with innocence
Like the good old days, our glory years
When you still were here

Google did something slightly different than its usual homepage doodles this week, opting instead for a link below the search bar that leads to a video congratulating the Class of 2014 on all they have achieved throughout their four most formative years. If you, like I, have been out of high school for at least a few years, you probably won’t expect the video to have quite the impact it does. Alas, I got teary after only half the clips reminiscing about the good times that the video scrolls through. Using the same format as all of their other commercials, a search bar being filled in with a query that is then solved by a subsequent video clip or picture, they successfully tie the things that stick out so starkly in our brain with their own service in order to facilitate good will. This is what Google does best though, isn’t it? Takes the cliched and standard experiences every freshman or 17 year old graduate doesn’t think will matter to them a decade down the road and dredges them up with carefully chosen clips curated specifically to elicit an emotional connection that will then translate to their brand. Transforming little things like holding your first license in your hand and being unsure about “vest or cummerbund” the week before prom into a waterworks starter is tough to do. We don’t need to be reminded everyone in that office is an evil genius, Google, we already know.

Here though, the team behind this particular video did their jobs exceptionally well in regards to the atmosphere they created with not only the clips but with the song they used to soundtrack this minute and a half of memories as well.  “Promises” by The Boxer Rebellion, is the first released single off their upcoming album of the same name. There’s no way the Google video and the music video for the song being posted to YouTube on the same day is a coincidence. Very smart in sync branding by both parties. It has been used in a similar backing manner in the past, most recently for a scene in the 9th episode of the CW’s The Originals and I was impressed with this use of the song. If you listen to the lyrics in full, it is basically a song talking about first loves and remembering the good times and still living in that part of your mind in certain ways. If you haven’t heard the song before, you can find it below. I would consider “Promises” a good litmus test of what the rest of the catalog is like so if you enjoy what you hear below definitely search some more of their music out.


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