Orphan Black: Clone Dance Party Music

It’s looking like I won’t have time for a full review of last night’s Orphan Black finale due to my schedule today, but I hope we can all agree that the best moment of a very uneven episode was the clone dance party and sleepover at Felix’s loft. You could tell John and Graeme wanted to save something special for the finale besides all of the mythological reveals, and this was a technological and emotional surprise well worth the wait. Not only did we get all four main clones in the same room at the same time, but we also got to witness the wonderful qualities of Helena’s dancing. Tatiana Maslany has been quoted in the past as saying there were certain dances she uses to get into each character’s specific mindset and personality, and it is interesting to re-watch the scene and the dancing with that in mind.

Regardless of some of the twists the show left us with last night and an uncertain future for half the characters, we’ll always have the sight of Alison slapping Felix’s ass. Below, the “Making of” for the original scene and the song Cosima puts on to spur the entire thing (Water Prayer Rasta Mix) for all of your “press repeat” needs. The song choice was spot on for Cosima’s personality, as it seems like something she would have had on file in college during a Saturday chock full of weed, RPG’s, and science in the dorms.

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2 thoughts on “Orphan Black: Clone Dance Party Music

  1. […] the extraordinary dance sequence Helena starts off slow and then she finds the freedom her other sisters are displaying through […]

  2. Paul says:

    uneven? Nah – one of the best season finale episodes ever!

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