Switched at Birth: And We Bring the Light

Open up the skylight baby let the truth come rushing in
Don’t you let your heart go anywhere just think what might have been


For your personal safety, avert your eyes from Toby’s scruff.

The best episodes in Switched at Birth’s history have consistently been the ones where the show eschews all tertiary story lines and characters and focuses in on the two main families spending time together. The only side story that popped up this week was a brief jaunt to a work meeting with Regina that brought Coto back in the picture, but even this B story eventually tied into Regina, Daphne, and Angelo’s main conflict. We got no glimpses of Travis, Mary Beth, Emmett, Sarah Lazar, or anything else school related for this week and by the end of the episode I was happy we got a full dose of the Vasquez/Kennish clan as at this point in the season all of the intertwining story lines centered around relationship drama and employment headaches left little time to take a breather and soak in many of the emotional moments.

A few scenes in “And We Bring the Light” were slightly too far towards the “classic soap” end of the spectrum for my tastes, something Switched usually does an expert job in avoiding. Regina pulling a gun on Daphne because neither of them heard the other one coming was so far-fetched and contrived it’s obvious the only reason it was included was to cement the plausibility of Angelo speeding away in anger and frustration after the gun debacle fallout. Similarly, Bay spewing “You’re not even a real writer.” to her mother was largely out of character even considering her status as the outspoken one of the family. Both are largely examples of plot manipulation over story priorities and trueness of characters, but seeing the way both instances were used to move the story forward paid off well enough I’ll forgive the writers for their sins here. Angelo getting into a car accident seems like the only useful thing they have left to do with this character before he’s 100% on the straight and narrow, but the Toby and Bay fake out was very obviously that exactly from the get-go.

Using the drama between Kathryn and Bay to end the episode proper with the Kennish family all together for the first time in half a season (I’m not talking about Toby here because that would mean talking about Toby’s facial hair) was very worth the effort though, as the happy family shot was a great emotional boost to an episode that otherwise had a lot of down moments. The song used to end the episode was on-point as well. Switched at Birth uses music separate from the main score judiciously if at all but they make good of these rare moments almost every time. The song used last night as Bay’s art installation danced to life is “Run Forever” by Dave Thomas Junior, off his Ember album, speaks of sticking together and flying free through all of life’s questionable moments and problems. Some of the lyrics are too spot on for what the situation entailed, and others lean more towards a love story being sung, but overall the feeling of the music and the deployment of it worked well for this scene. Airy, full of hope, and true to the togetherness of the Kennish family. Full video can be found below:

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