“The Purge: Anarchy” Soundtrack Track Listing Released

First reported via HitFix earlier today, “The Purge: Anarchy” soundtrack listing was released in advance of the movie’s fast-approaching opening. This sequel has intrigued me ever since the original announcement was made of its existence, as the synopsis and marketing campaign lead me to believe this is what the first installment of the franchise should have been. How fun is it to set a movie in a world where any and all crime is legal for 24 hours, and then confine all of the action to one wealthy estate? None, that’s how much. This looks like the batshit crazy, out of control, horror/thriller/gore fest that everyone hoped for the first time around.

As far as the track listing, it’s always a good choice for soundtracks like this to name each piece of the score in a way that works with the film’s story lines. It does nobody any good to label tracks blandly when utilizing the soundtrack as a marketing technique. Some of my favorites include “Unlock the Car”, “He Stole Our Pensions, Now He’s Gone”, and “Please, Let Us Take Care of You”. They all seem like what Fall Out Boy songs would be titled if they recorded an album all about classic horror tropes. View the complete track listing on HitFix here.

Composer Nathan Whitehead, on returning to score the second movie after he held the same role for the first:

“Everything is bigger this time; the action, drama and tension all take place on a much larger scale. I worked hard to incorporate this larger scope in the music, and we went much further combining aggressive electronics and textures with a live orchestra. It was such a satisfying challenge, and I hope my score delivers the intense experience that moviegoers are looking forward to having.”

I will definitely be seeing this in theaters as I’m a sucker for a worthwhile scare. Also, anything with Zach Gilford (AKA Matt Saracen) and Kiele Sanchez (AKA Mrs. Zach Gilford) is worth a few hours of my time.


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