PLL Music: March of Crimes


After a few weeks of a consistently dour soundtrack overwhelming all of the camp usually associated with the Liars’ adventures and mishaps, tonight’s episode got back to the mix of severe and cheesy that the show is known for. The music didn’t revert dramatically, as most of the hour was still filled with mood music or slow tone-setting music for the high-pressure and stressful moments, but there was one upbeat song that really caught my attention about midway through the episode. During the montage of the girls dealing with their many problems (Aria and Hanna avoiding each other, Spencer at the optometrist etc.) there was an original song by Spelles titled “Bird in a Cage” that let the mood of the episode rise far past what it reasonably should have been. Between the infighting (normal), sexual predator behavior from a barista (fairly recent development), and creepy blind/fake blind Jenna twins, there was no reason that sequence should have been anything but depressing. Instead, I caught myself smiling and nodding along to the originality of the song.

I was not familiar with her at all before hearing this song during the episode, and even when trying to dig up addition songs or career information the only details I could find were the above teaser for the song “Wild Heart” (presumably dropping in the near future) and the fact she is based primarily out of Los Angeles. From the snippets I could find on YouTube and her Instagram profile, all of her music incorporates similar techniques and inflections while still remaining unique in their own way. Again, this is based off less then a handful of samples I could dig up online but judging her newness to the industry and only recent foray into live performances, I am absolutely encouraged to keep an eye out for her talents in the future.

One note about the episode itself: “March of Crimes” ?! Really, ABC Family? I’m not only curious who had final approval for that pun, but how terrible a person I am for not being entirely upset at the nerve it took to name an episode of a show about teenage debauchery after an organization that raises money to prevent birth defects and other problems related to infant mortality.

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