Welcome to My TV Sang to Me! The goal here is to dive into the use of different song choices and musical cues on television shows all across the dial (and sometimes even live programming). I’ve always had a ear for when a song really clicks in the moment or just stands out, and here I either dive into the reasons why some songs work so perfectly or simply give a nod to music that jumped out at me for whatever reason. Not every song on TV has a secret meaning or an affect on the story, but when they do I discuss the action on the show in depth in order to more completely understand why the choice was made.

Here I usually only discuss the shows I watch unless I hear of a great music cue on another show and decide to take a look. Also, every show isn’t discussed every week. If New Girl ends with a great song one week that doesn’t necessarily mean every week it warrants a post. It’s more of a case by case basis. From time to time there will be posts on older shows that had great reputations for music choices or theme songs that fit so well within a show’s world you can’t imagine they weren’t written just for that purpose (or were they?).



One thought on “About

  1. Riley says:

    Hi, just wanted to say I love your blog! Just found it yesterday, while trying to figure out the song playing while Ryan proposed to Amber on Parenthood! And I did, so thanks!
    I’ve loved music more than anything since I was a little kid so I really appreciate when songs fit in so perfectly with TV scenes. I want to be a music supervisor for a TV show, but have no idea how to go about that. Luckily I have 3 more semesters of school to figure it out.

    Did you watch One Tree Hill? They always had really awesome music.

    And that’s cool that you’re from Boston cause I am too 🙂

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