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Skeleton Twins Trailer – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

I am very intrigued by the The Skeleton Twins trailer that was released earlier this week, both in the way the film is being marketing as well as the movie’s cast. I was never a fan of Kristen Wiig when she was on SNL, and it was very rare for me to even enjoy one of her widely lauded characters. Bill Hader however, was consistently one of my favorites no matter what he brought to the show. I understand many people have the exact opposite feeling in regards to these two veteran comedians but regardless of opinion about their comedy, The Skeleton Twins promises to be a strong showcase in which both actors bring out the best in each other. This brief look alone shows Hader having the most fun in a role of this nature perhaps ever, while Wiig in turn looks incredibly grounded in the dramatic pieces of this story rather than shooting for an over the top portrayal of a clearly dysfunctional brother/sister pairing back together after a decade away from each other.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.32.22 PM

The trailer gives us enough character beats to map out an idea of what the end product will be, but my favorite part is the way the marketing team seamlessly incorporates what is an obvious emotional moment set to Jefferson Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” directly into the rest of the trailer. The 20 intermittent seconds we see of Bill Hader giving it his all to the chorus are everything I needed to convince me that I would be seeing this movie in theaters. This small glimpse of a bonding moment between Wiig and Hader’s damaged siblings allows us to ruminate on the peaks and valleys of their relationship without getting the full picture, as well as the multiple facets of Owen Wilson’s husband character. The music transitions from your standard “Indie Dramedy” percussion-based instrumental to the early strains of Jefferson Starship, culminates in Hader’s living room performance, and then decrescendos while still being present enough to soundtrack the rest of the trailer. In one small moment we get an endlessly watchable clip while also immediately wanting more. I’m not sure about anyone else, but it also made me want to listen to the Jefferson Starship catalogue for a solid half hour. Take note rest of Hollywood, this is how you cut a trailer.


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